Industrial design portfolio, what could be improved?!

Hi, I’m a second year industrial design student from Stockholm. I’m about to get my portfolio in shape, I’ve just put some of my work together, would be very thankful for critique!
// Pontus

need some sketches. no process, no looks.


Looks good, but you have to squint really hard. It’s hard to see anything because it’s so small… Maybe try to make the samples larger… Otherwise, I think it’s pretty nice… I wish there was a bit more process rather than pitch.

Thanx guys! I will have to put more process into it, think I did it the “fast way”. It’s always a hustle to make a portfolio I think…

I havent put it all together in an overall graphic design yet, the portfolio would be printed, sorry if its hard to see the text etc in this format…

no no, I think the size is totally fine.
Maybe dow317 didn’t hit the little magnifying glasses in Coroflot. Granted, they are hard to find…