Industrial Design portfolio – Hendri Erkel

Hi all,

I am an Industrial Design student from the Netherlands and in my final year. Currently I am looking for a graduation project. For this purpose I have just put my portfolio website online. My interests are very broad in the Industrial Design field, but one of my preferences is domestic appliances.

I would love to know your opinion! The more comments the better! (Comments/ tips on layout, projects, navigation, sketching, renderings, process, etc…)

Go to:

Hey man nice site I like the simple clean format and the works looks interesting. How did you achieve the site, what programs did you use?


Hey! Thanks! It is the first website I created. :smiley:
I used dreamweaver to create most of the site in html, but I edited some text myself. I have also used some javascripts, including lightbox. I got some tips from other students, but there are also lots of good tutorials on the internet.

For the projects I liked to give an insight in the process. Do you think it is clear this way? I tried to get a good balance between sketches, technical information and final renders.

Does someone have any tips on how to improve? Or do you think it is ok how it is now?

Very nice site Hendri, and it seems to fit you work well. the only project that stand out is the concept car, it does not seem to fit. It would be good to see more of a resume or CV on the about page as well.

Pretty good website.

I would try and explain the park light system a little better. How does it charge? and maybe add one sentence for the diagram explaining how/why the light fades (i didn’t really get that part).

overall i liked the projects, though

I like all your process and thinking, but I noticed you didn’t have any mockups or volumetric models. If you have some of that work I think it would be worth including it for project like the housewares project. Other than that I agree that the concept cars seem out of place, but maybe you could include a section of just sketching samples.


Thanks for your comments! They’re really helpful.

I have also got some comments from other students and one of my teachers and I am glad they are all positive, although I could improve some aspect as you have also noticed. I will change the following things:

Concept car:
I have to agree that this project does not seem to fit. They were one of my first digital sketches, so that’s why I liked them, but they are no comparison with professional sketches of concept cars. I think I will place them in a separate folder with some random sketches and products like _Zissou said.

Park light system:
I will try to include some more information to explain some of the details. Hopefully it will be clearer that way.

Mockups and models:
Good point! Most of the projects I have shown on my website are small projects. I have a preference for lots of sketches instead of mockups when I have little time, although I know that mockups are very important. In the last picture of the mixer project you can see the model on the right side. For the ‘coming soon’ project (dual wall kettle) I made some more mockups and I will show them in that project. I haven’t put that project online yet, because I first want to make a good render of it.

Good comment! :wink: I will include this in my about section.

Thanks again! I will let you know when I have updated my website.