Industrial Design portfolio critique?

If you have a couple of minutes I’d very much appreciate your opinion on my portfolio…

Is this OK for a 2+ years experience designer? I’d like to target consumer product as well as housewares and furniture design.

Thank you- Thank you! :smiley:


1.Get rid of the bouncing pink things- they ruin it for me
2. Bump up the resolution on all the jpegs- they are pretty fuzzy
3. resume/cv?

Im sure there is more- I only looked for 2 seconds!

Nice start though!

The points you made have been taken in consideration. thank you!

I really have nothing to say, except that, you sound like a vending machine!!! :stuck_out_tongue:
I wonder what would you say if I’d put another coin, but as I said, I really have no coins : -0

you mentioned you had 2 yrs of working experience???

Maybe it’s just me, but it doesnt show. Are you still studying?
It doesnt cut for me and to be totally brutal its crap.

Your projects aren’t presented well. Res is low. Design concepts
are poor. You dont show much of your design process.

I agree with the previous post. Get rid of that bouncy pink
thinga majig.

Thats all for me.

ok, well, i think i have to agree with ided on this one.

at the risk of sounding harsh, i nearly had a friggen seizure when i saw this web site, four words “lose the bouncing crap”

your site also took so long to load that it left me wondering if it was really worthwile. although when it finally opened i realised that it really wasn’t. i know it sounds harsh but, your website would be great, if the aim was to throw in as much random crap as possible.

also lose the furniture projects, this is obviously not your strong point.
i cant help but feel that you would benifit by maybe taking a couple of years off work to clean up your skills (and your website)… good luck for the future

its not the res thats the problem.
its the quality. keep the res but bump the quality.

the site is okay.

nothing to brag about.
keep it up.