Industrial Design Portfolio Cover Page

My graphic skills still need work, so I tried to keep it simple. I am going to be applying for a summer internship to multiple places in the Chicago area soon. Let me know what you think and please understand that this is my first attempt at a cover page. Made with indesign and converted to a jpeg.


You are trying too hard. Keep it simple, it’s just a cover. Your name, title and the year, that’s it!! Let’s see the rest so we can give you more valuable feedback.


Check out this guide to ID portfolio creation from UC students. There are some great tips & advice in there:

Nice start. Now how about another 20 ideas.

What are your benchmarks? Using 5 words or less, what do you stand for? Does your design convey that meaning?

Right now, all I see is you yelling with some randomly placed furniture. It’s not offensive. It is functional. But it is currently design for design sake.

Agreed. Keep it simple. Color boxes don’t add anything and aren’t aligned well. Type is not a very attractive font and using 3 different faces (regular, bold and italic) isn’t that visually appealing. Placement of text seems random.

Keep it simple. Set up a grid. Less is more.

Just as an example-


Thanks for the feedback. You’re right, the color boxes were kind of just design for the sake of design. I think I scared myself when I looked at some really interesting cover pages online, but I think I will tone mine down and hopefully have some projects in soon.

Best of luck. Feel free to post a few different treatments here for feedback.

Remember the layout in most cases is there to support the content, not fight it. A neutral layout is better than an overpowering one, esp. if you are not that comfortable with your graphics skills.

The Portfolio Handbook is a great resource.


Wow I am enjoying theportfoliohandbook.

As a student I felt I struggled with my graphic skills too. They are still not the greatest. But I found inspiration and learned a huge amount from just looking at a wide range of graphic work… from sites, books and magazines to even some packaging and branding. I started to ‘borrow’ elements I liked and make them my own… it’s a good starting point.