industrial design or architecture?

I am a freshman in architecture and so far I love my first year. We’re learning about design, not really anything related to buildings yet. I am still, however, torn between industrial design and arch. I had originally selected architecture b/c being in a top 3 school, it would be easier to switch from arch to another major rather than vice versa. In the future I see myself as a designer of everything- from buildings to products to furniture- in a firm like Starck. I am just wondering if anyone has advice on whether or not I should stick in the arch program or switch. I love both, but I don’t want to limit my future career possibilities. For what reasons are you happy you choose industrial design rather than architecture and vice versa? Thank you so much for helping me with this decision.

more design - less math

presumably your school has both, so why not just talk to everyone in ID that you can?