Industrial Design MSc, Sweden VS Denmark VS Holland

I can’t think of any other place of asking this.
I have applied to four universities and I need to decide to which one to get in for a master in design. Please give your advice, it will be really appreciated.

UMEA, Advanced Product Design
Denmark Technical University, Design and Innovation
Delft, Technical University, Integrated Product Design
Twente, University of, Industrial Design Engineering

I know all four should be good, but I’m trying to prioritize here. Thanks!

Have not been to either but in terms of reputation, delft and Umea are the most famous ones as far as i can tell. Not only from those four but all over europe, along with RCA i guess.
Delft is a pretty big institution with lots of students in the course and also at the university, while umea is tiny but also the classes are so tiny that you can be sure to get individual face time with your tutors.

again, i haven´t been, but was looking at those universities too.

Hey ginrod where are you finally going to?
I decided myself for Delft, integrated product design!