industrial design master in Australia... ?

Hello… I have a question for any of you who can help me out.

Ill may have the opportunity to go to Australia next year. Im an Industrial designer but I woul like to study something like a postdegree… master… of product design, strategic design, enviromental design…

Can you tell me… how is the industrial design field in Australia? and what good University could I go to study? This is professionally and academically… to work and to study.

Thanks for any help you can give me… and please dont tell me that I have to check out all the posts in this forum, pleaaassee!! there are too many, you know it is hard to find something. :laughing:

good luck!
seriously if you’re experienced you may be ok, but dont expect to there to be a big workplace for industrial designers. as for studying, dont try newcastle university! they chopped the ID program altogether the year after i left.

try one of the sydney unis, or Melbourne.


UNSW (university of NSW) in Sydney

RMIT in Melbourne

UC (university of Canberra) in Canberra


UNSW (university of NSW) in Sydney

RMIT in Melbourne

UC (university of Canberra) in Canberra[/quote

lol, rmit.

try monash uni

Try Monash. Seems to be a decent program.

thanks for your help…

I`ll check them out! :exclamation:

Newcastle still run the ID program.

In fact, it’s even better. Using the far superior workshop facilities at Newcastle TAFE, students spend the first 3 years at TAFE, where they gain an Advanced Diploma. The final fourth year is spent at the University of Newcastle where students complete a Bachelor of Industrial Design.

There are 2 stages:

  1. Student first complete the Advanced Diploma of Product Design and Development from the Hunter Institute of Technology, located in Newcastle, Australia.

  1. Students then complete the Bachelor of Industrial Design. This is a new course to be first offered in 2009.

The TAFE has excellent facilities and staff. In addition to the existing University workshop facilities, the TAFE offers a rapid prototyper, laser cutter and a complete workshop with bandsaws, drills, lathes and milling machines.

Many of the University staff have transferred to the TAFE college campus and bring with them their knowledge and experience.

With a focus on drawing and sketching, 3D modeling, workshop skills and presentation techniques, this is an excellent course for a student wanting to be an excellent industrial designer.


How bout Swinburne? I plan to head to Australia to study ID, degree level.

Hi there, yeah I like swinburne, I was soposed to go there and I got an offer letter, but at the end I decided to come to Sydney and I’ll start the master of design at UTS on february this year!