Industrial Design Internships In China

I assumed this would be the best place to post about interning in China. I’m a 3rd year industrial design student at Auburn University attempting to apply for internships for the upcoming summer. I’m curious if anyone has any input on interning in China? That is something I’d really like to do but I’m not terribly sure where to look for information on openings aside from one posting on Coroflot.


Might want to try one of the larger manufacturers such as Haier or Lenovo. Local design agencies tend to prefer locals or foreigners who are already in China. Working Visa is a pain in the butt to obtain for some agencies and costs time and money. Take a trip over, chill out, have fun and adapt to the Chinese way of life.
While you’re doing all that you can start to look around.
Good Luck!!!

try this

Check out the job board on
There are many jobs and internships from China
Good luck!