industrial design in Wales (UK)

Any one have experience working as an industrial designer in Wales (UK)?
We are a small US studio considering opening a second studio in Europe. The Welsh government is offering us a very attractive package of benefits, support and subsidies to open the studio in Wales.

Any comments, recommendations, experience? No sheep jokes please!


Forget Wales, open one in Norfolk (the other side of the UK) and I’ll come and work for you!


Seriously though, what sorts of incentives are they offering, and is that solely for overseas investors?

How do they compare with anything that England/Scotland/Ireland might be willing to give?

What are your other motivations for Wales? - cultural, scenic etc?


The incentives for overseas investment in Wales are 30% reimbursements of all business expenses including salaries. Subsidized property leases. low interest financing. Full support in finding and retaining clients with the help of over 700 governmental personnel… the list goes on. Basically all this is being funded through moneys from the EU similar to what happened in Ireland in the 90’s.

Originally my company was looking at locating the studio in Berlin, most of our European clients are German. However Germany does not offer much support or business incentives, they have high tax and there is the language barrier. Wales looks to be a good option due to the Government support as well as access into most European cities, most of which are within a 1 hr flight. To give you an example of how responsive the Welsh government is to foreign business, they flew a representative out to meet with us after we simply asked for information. That person is now acting as a facilitator for us to secure clients in the UK - very impressive!

The other interesting thing is that we are not limited to hiring staff only from Wales, in fact all our staff could come from Antarctica (or Norfolk) and as long as the business is located in Wales we receive all the support.

I understand that many of the components of the new Airbus are made in Wales.

The Airbus factory is at Deeside North Wales.
There is a lot of competition between North and South Wales, the Norths main access is the A55 connecting it with Liverpool and Manchester.
The South has the larger population and has good transport links along the M$ corridor. Cardiff gets most of the investment however, but the up and coming place is Swansea where a the SA1 development is bringing plenty of opportunities. A new building for the Ats & Design for the Swansea Institute is adding to a succesful student city, where the main university has been well established for decades.

thanks for the info eifionjmp. Actually we are looking at Swansea for the new studio, seems like the better choice. We will be flying out for a market vist nex month.

Ross Lovegrove if from Wales. Not sure if he has his studio there or not?

what about the welsh language barrier>?

no problem, I speak hebrew

ha, ha, ha I am so not talking to u small frys!