industrial design in ireland

hi any of you guys know anything about the product design scene in ireland??

one of the most prominent product design consultancies i know in ireland is design partners .they are based in wicklow. other than that, the main companies and consultancies in dublin are :

  • dolmen design
  • hood & associates
  • lg electronics

there are quite a few pop and exhibition display companies around dublin like display contracts international , MDA and exhibit ireland. for packaging design, index packaging waterford crystal are known to take on some id’ers sometimes…

in general, ireland does not have a high concentration of industrial design. it has a good local art and craft based industry (i believe craft and art production there is tax free, hence lots of artists retiring there)

Well, Hood associates and LG are gone now, so I think its mainly design partners and Dolmen left (both in Dublin!). Like me, there are a few in-house designers but again now too many! I think there are three universities, Carlow, NCAD and Sligo and maybe DIT, so basically a lot more designers than jobs! Is that the kind of information you were looking for? check out below for more

thanks freddie
what kind of projects are you working on? How do you find design education in ireland?

No Problem glad to help

I am working as a concept designer for a small Irish company mostly designing laparoscopic surgical devices, instruments, access port’s etc.
Design Education in Ireland is pretty good, like anywhere it’s what you make it! I went to IT Carlow for 4 years and from what I can see it is one of the best, if not the best! (Although those who studied elsewhere would probably disagree!)
Ireland would be by no means regarded as a Design “hotspot” but I think that is slowly changing! Irish designers, like the Irish people are very grounded and have a very… logical, mechanical and inventive attitude, and therefore make good innovators and industrial designers. Design Ireland and the IDI as well as Enterprise Ireland have recently been trying to formalize an “Irish Design Language” Basically as a marketing tool! Unlike countries such as Sweden, Italy and France etc. Ireland has no set design language, which, in a way I feel is a good thing! We are very independent and unique, and can adapt to every situation, the way any good designer should, without getting predictable and boring!
I hope I have been of some help to you. What’s with the interest in Irish design? Are you thinking of relocating? Where are you based at present? If you have anymore questions please don’t hesitate on asking


hi freddie
your job sounds cool, i know a few people who went the carlow college im thinking of travellin soon and was wondering what the job scence was like in ireland, sounds like i shouldnt risk going there could be a long time waiting!! thanks for your help man :slight_smile:

oh ya and the industrial design course looks good there too you sound like you enjoyed it!