Industrial Design in Colorado

Outlook good or not so good? I’m about done in Wisconsin. I’ve worked for Milwaukee Tool, Harley, Briggs & Stratton, and tons of other clients in around here, things have been good, but I am sick of living where I grew up.

What’s the word on the street in Denver/Boulder/Ft Collins? I feel like I have rock solid sketching/thinking/CAD/rendering skills, I have my own business that I’m currently revamping, and I’m redoing my portfolio this winter. I am really serious about selling a lot of my belongings and starting fresh out in CO somewhere.

I have a decent list of design firms, but what companies are out there?


there are several corporate medical firms out in CO. take a look and Google that.

Thanks Chevis!

Does it have to do with a passing of certain law in CO and WA? :wink:

+1 I’ve always been curious myself - love that state, especially the Rockies.

You are going to love it. I’m sorry I can’t help you on what you are asking but I believed you can Google a lot these days.
Yes, I live in Colorado. Good luck.

I’m originally from Chicago so I feel like I hit the lottery when I accepted a job out here about 9mos. ago. I did exactly what you want to do. Moved out here with a packed car, got rid of most of my “stuff” and started fresh. It was liberating for sure. I live in Boulder and commute about 10miles outside of town. Close enough to ride my bike to work.

There are A LOT of outdoor companies out here: Kelty+Sierra Designs, GoLite, Pearl Izumi, Sea to summit, etc… Might be a good idea to add some outdoor gear to your resume. And if all else fails you could always get a gig at a brewery :wink: We’ve got tons of those too.

RWM, I am intrigued.
For one I am currently retail, just to pay the bills right now, and been trying to find a gig in Atlanta since I graduated. I want to go into the Outdoor Industry and Colorado has been one of my dream locations. I would love to just drop everything a move out there to try to find a gig. How easy was it for you to find one there?

I wasn’t necessarily looking for a job in CO. The location was top on my list for sure. I just wanted to get as close to some mountains out west as I could. I’ve specialized in cut and sew since college so I was mainly looking at positions that required softgoods experience. I noticed in my search that most of those job openings were in the San Fran area, so I was bracing myself for a CA move. There weren’t too many openings in the CO area when I was applying back then. And it took me about 8mos. to find a new gig once I started looking last year.

There are a handful of jobs on the Coroflot Job Boards right now. American Rec (Kelty / Sierra Designs), Coleman, Crocs, and Sidfactor (a consultancy which has an awesome portfolio!) are all hiring.