Industrial design in australia

Hi everyone;

I was going through some of the australian universities supposed to be good but i thought i shall get a good opinion from the professional design community here.The universities i am thinking of applying is :

Royal melbourne institute of technology
Monash university
university of canberra
university of newcastle
university of westernsydney

YO need urs and the other experienced guys to help me out here please.I wanna know how good are the placements after u finish the course and how good is the industrial design scene there how are the facilities for internships. Please let me know …people i need ur experience and expertise to help me out …

Im guessing you’ve already been to the IDP website.
Internship is not easy from what I hear.
I have a lot of friends moving there. They say it
is smarter to apply for the permanent residency and then
head there while the papers are in the pipeline.
After u finish ur course u just go to one of the local offices
and finalise matters…and just continue to work there.


I am an australian just graduated from Monash University in Melbourne studying Industrial Design.

It depends which state you want to live in. There are 3 top universities in Aus.

If you live in Sydney, you would go to either UNSW or UTS. both are good but have different skills they emphasise. more product based.

If you live in Melbourne, you would go to Monash. Not to be biased, but Monash is BY FAR the top university to study at now especially for ID. very strong in both product and automotive design. if you want more info on monash feel free to ask as i have very strong links with them.

in terms of jobs here in aus. it is a dissapointment. the design scene here is miniscule. for the 100 or so ID’ers that come out of uni each yr in Melbourne i am estimating that not even 20% will find a true ID job.

i was luicky enough to get a good ID job straight out of uni, but have now got a new job lined up in Hong Kong to begin in August.

Hey guys ; Thanks for replying ASAP.

I am from India and i currently work at GM’s design centre and i have around 2 years of experience, also i co ordinate the german operations.

I have heard a lot about Monash; one of my collegues were referring it as very good in terms of product design; however since u have studied ID there , Please tell me - do they emphasise on the basics to start with.

One more question , Is there any racial discrimination as such because this is one of the highly vaulted rumours that float here, please do not be offended.?

Does monash have a mid year term starting some where in august/september and can i apply now.?

How good is the financial aid packages there for international students, and also the prospects of further research.?

destined for design mentioned of applying for permanent citizenship and then leaving for aussie ; how much of time would that take.any idea?.
And can u suggest a website which explains the process in full?

Hope i am not troubling u with so many questions , its just that i am planning to leave a good design job here just because i feel i need to learn more and ID is the one i need to focus on in the future.

Thanks in advance…

i did some reserrch on ID courses in aussie univs, and i think swinburne and UNSW are better options than the others…altho the tution fees are a bit steep. but frankly, UK and Italy are better places to go to specially for more exposure in this field. Check out Domus Academy and Royal coll of art.

all sems start in sept too.

good luc!

I agree that UNSW is one of the top unis in Oz for ID.

But Mansi, i dunno where the hell you pulled swinburne out of. saying that they are a better option over Monash is an absolute JOKE…

First of, their intake per year is approx 40- 50. This is an extremely high intake where a folio isnt even required to enter the course.

Secondly, drawing/sketching/rendering whatever you want to call it is only taught in the first semester of the 3 year course. Now you cant learn jack crap in 6 months. That to me is just a total disgrace. The most important skill being a designer is being able to communicate their ideas onto papar.

I suggest Mansi to do more research.

The Monash course structure is more traditional sketching is highly valued.
For automotive designers, Monash is definately the place to be as we are the only uni in OZ with an Alias studio lab.
We also have a strong product design side too.

Intakes are at the start of the year and July. I think it is too late to apply for the mid year intake though. We only accept 30-35 students with a percentage dedicated to catering for international students. Racial discrimination is non- existent at the campus due to the fact that Monash is an international uniersity with a wide mix of different cultures.


uni makes a difference in your folio, especially in ID…but in the end it is up to the student…

Monash is good but over-rated…all their work look the same (heavily influenced by lecturer/course??)…but they do have alias - if you want to get into automotive - AUTOMOTIVE/TRADITIONAL ID ORIENTATED

Swinburne is actually much better now (course/uni/staff restructure…new facilities etc…) but a lot still needs to improve (they actually teach drawing/vis for at least an entire year in 2nd year…) - MORE CONCEPTUAL/FURNITURE ORIENTATED

RMIT…used to be the best, now cannot compare with the rest…stay away if you value your education/career - FORGET IT

UTS seems to be pretty good, building a good reputation

University of Canberra…from what i heard…it’s the only ID in Oz that teaches Pro/Engineer, which you’ll most likely need…

as mentioned before…it’s down to the students…i’ve seen some absolute crap coming out of monash/uts and some awesome stuff from swin and rmit (every uni has their good students and their useless ones…): in the end, uni is only a tool for you to do what’s best for you…and if you can, make sure you do at least 4 years…the last year (honours or otherwise) makes a big different to your folio…

ID jobs in OZ?..if you’re looking for consultancy work GOOD LUCK because there isn’t any (…hardly any)…go to UK/Europe instead…it’s worth the extra tuition fee…

oops…it’s actually drawing/vis for the entire year in 1st year at Swinburne…

…yeah…NOT A FAN of the “no folio” policy for ID at Swin…spose the ones who can’t draw will get weeded out within a few semesters…

bottom line is: if you want a more “traditional” ID education then go to Monash/UTS…if you want to use ID to get into other creative industries: (concepts, furniture, set design, expo, art direction…just to name a few…) then try some of the other unis…

University of Canberra is very strong in the form/styling areas.
There is a large emphasis on learning sketching, presentation (2d and 3d) and styling.

Cost of living in Canberra is a lot cheaper than Sydney also.
You’re about 1.5 hours from the snow and 1.5 hours from the beach.

Here is the 2004 graduate website

go to monash

and newcastles ID course is shutting down no more intakes

cause our uni can’t handle there money they had to axe something and it was us

hey. newcastle uni is axing the ID course?!
since when?!
i graduated from that place.

uni of canberra produced last years (2004) design institute of australia “graduate of the year” AND runner up…

They were going to shut down Newcastle Unis course due to money reasons but i am pretty sure they arent
the thing is if they axe ID then they would have to axe all the design and technology teaching degrees because they all do parts of the ID course
that would mean no more computer, food tech, design and tech teachers

anyway i am thinking of going to the Queensland University of Technology but no one seems to have said anything about it - has anyone heard about this course?

I’m not sure if it is still relevant but as an international student in Australia I believe that UTS is the best place for ID in Sydney. It is more industry focused than the other uni’s and has better staff and equipment. As to the Melbourne scene, I am not sure which is the best place there but it is much better for transport design than Sydney. While you could sub-major in transport design in Sydney, the real place for that is Melbourne.

this is an old post, but i am thinking of applying for monash as well , don’t know what is the situation nowadays?

The Newcastle course is still running. There is a brand new workshop facility which is fantastic.

The course accepts students from the Product Design and Innovation course run through the TAFE Design Centre in Sydney as well as in Newcastle.

The entry requirements are:

  1. An Advanced Diploma in Product Design and Innovation (or approved equivalent) and
  2. an ATAR equivalent consistent with University entry requirements.

Check it out here.