Industrial Design Hits New Low: Our Very Own Reality Show

Karim Rashid = Judge. :mrgreen:

"Good Idea + Hard Work = Untold Riches. That’s the American Dream - but is it still possible? It is now with Made In The USA, television’s newest and most ingenious reality program where America’s unknown inventors and entrepreneurs get their shot at fame and fortune… and a chance to win a lucrative one-year contract with the TV shopping network HSN.

From thousands of Made In The USA hopefuls, six teams of two will be chosen to participate in a weekly competition. Over the course of the six-week series, the teams will develop their product from prototype to marketplace-ready. Each week, guest experts will be on hand to evaluate the teams as they undergo challenges and tasks designed to measure their abilities as inventors, collaborators, and marketers. One by one, teams will face elimination based on their performance and the opinion of the show’s three celebrity judges. After a final challenge, the viewing audience will vote to award a one-year TV shopping network HSN sales contract to the team with the best invention - and if that invention sells big, the winning team will earn untold millions and become the biggest winners in reality television history!"

Pretty cool how Karim Rashid is endorsing Home Shopping Network! It’s definitely an interesting juxtaposition: Karim’s signature look next to the HSN Huggable Hangers Jersey soccer mom lady! Excellent!

Did they match the background color with Rashid’s glasses?

It’s off topic but the loud purple makes this look more like a disney teen show.

It’s a subliminal advertisment for grape flavored Bubbalicious!!!

Seriously, though I think it’s their answer to Bravo! channel’s project runway, but with a more consumer oriented tie in.\

It’s a show about forced innovation, but it’s a late adopter approach. Wow.

If they have the same freaking Banana Republic commercials I’ll kill my TV.

They’re drafting off of “the Apprentice” which figured out that new product development was actually a pretty comical process when not practiced by professionals. That’s entertainment!

…don’t know why i never noticed rashid’s resemblence to pee wee herman before…