Industrial design guidance required

Hi all,
I am an architect based in New Delhi, India. During the past 10 years I have been designing and manufacturing custom furniture for individuals and companies. I wish to expand my knowledge and reinvent myself on a new platform.
I wish to apply for a master’s course in industrial design in some good European design college with good metal / wood workshop studios.
My portfolio primarily showcases furniture or interior design related products. I would appreciate if people can review my work at and guide me, if my portfolio is worthy of being considered for Industrial Design or Product design course.
Nitin Gupta.

if all that work is your own - you don’t need any more education.

Do you want to emmigrate to Europe? That’s more the problem.
(I think in the US, using grad school as a way to skirt immigration has been largely shut off, not sure about EU.)

I respectfully disagree, if you were serious about it, grad school would allow you to experiment and build on an already strong foundation. While your work is good, and probably makes you a good deal of money, you aren’t showing anything really ground breaking in those photo’s, sorry, just being honest.

I do think if that was your portfolio, top schools would work to find a way to bring you in.

Everyone, everywhere, is always in need of more education. no exceptions. It may not be good timing, or the right move at certain points in your career, but you always need more education.

if you wanted to work as a furniture designer, you could start today.
just look at Indian mfr’s and apply to the ones you like. it may take time.

it depends on your goal.

A) If you want to continue with furniture, i will disagree with carton. You already have strong foundations of design BECAUSE of your education (youre an architect), and you have the manufacturing knowledge, as you have already put many concepts through to production. What would you gain from grad school in ID if you want to do furniture? I say start your company now if furniture design/production is your goal.
Michael Graves, Frank Gehry, Aldo Rossi, the list goes on of architects that migrated into furniture/housewares without going back to school.

B) If true product design (not just furniture but electronics, medical and consumer products) is what you want to do, then I agree with carton. go back to school for a masters in ID. Your architecture portfolio, with all that furniture should be more than enough to get in, and maybe even get some scholarships.

my 2c

Thanks no_spec, carton, d-flux, for your valuable feedback. I appreciate it a lot. .

Yes all this work is mine; I own a design and manufacturing facility where we manufacture all this work. In India, work is not highly mechanized most work happens like craft or with use of basic machines, I am a decent carpenter myself. I started when I was 23, today I am 33. At times we are forced to do run off the mill work to survive and make our ends meet, this happens at the cost of creativity and innovation.

I am looking forward to take a break from this work and re-think. . I feel I can be a good product designer; I understand many materials besides wood, steel and glass. Masters in ID from a good institution may provide a new platform for creative thinking. Plus meeting so many new designers
from various parts of the world would also help in reshaping my perspective.

I don’t plan to immigrate to any other country, India and Asia are developing very well, and have good future in every field, I do plan to get back having gained new knowledge and a new perspective to Design.

I look forwrad to more suggestions from you guys if possible.

nitin gupta

broader horizons is the best purpose to go to grad school.
It is not a guarantee of any business sucess, career advancement or fame.
I think you should pick the most interestng location to spend a couple years.
(if it was me, I’d apply to every school in Italy)