Industrial design for hobbyists

Hi guys! I’m here looking for an advice from you. I want to learn industrial design as a hobby. I’m super fascinated with the work you do and the process of creating and bringing a product to life. I have no intentions of pursuing it professionally but it is still quite hard for me to find a path.

One year ago, I read “the design of everyday things” and since then I incrementally developed a passion for understanding the process of creating physical objects and products. I’m in marketing and while reading, I find a lot of similarities and gathering points between marketing an design in respect of understanding the people and solving the problems they face through products.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Well with companies becoming more data-driven and transparent, product development processes are becoming broken open from just being performed by professional development teams to actively contributing communities. Think of the industrial design process as a marketing tool as well. Also I imagine if you establish clear visions for the future of the company’s product lines as a marketer that industrial design skills will be a great asset developing and visualizing these. It is a good exercise for any professional in marketing to run at least one industrial design process and learn the intricacies involved from various perspectives.