Industrial Design + Farming = ?

Love to hear ideas and opinions from fellow designers. I’ve been working on a project called “the farmery” for 4 years. It was originally my thesis for my master’s of industrial design degree at N.C. State in 2009.

Here’s a short description, more info can be found here:

The Farmery is a completely new approach to farming and food retailing, one that looks for symbiosis within the entire system rather the optimization of individual components. It’s a growing and retailing system designed to provide locally grown food in urban neighborhoods. The Farmery is constructed from shipping containers to speed construction time and save costs. Crops are grown on the walls like a living wall and gourmet mushrooms are grown inside the containers. It’s designed to grow and sell at the same location to reduce costs and create a more intimate customer relationship.

I was wondering what types of experiences other designer’s wish they had when shopping for groceries?

Thought this might be of interest to your project:
North America’s First Vertical Urban Farm is Being Built in Canada

My wife does a lot of work on urban agriculture. There is a lot of interest in projects like this right now. You could definitely get this built if you can hook up with the right people in the right location.

The second story area of that central structure is basically wasted space, isn’t it? Obviously you could make the whole thing a single story and save a lot of construction cost. Or one other thing that might work- tomatoes trained to a single vine can be trussed to something like a stainless cable, and will grow vertically 20+ feet. You would need some kind of open catwalk to harvest them at the top.