Industrial Design Excursion to Italy

Hi Guys,
I am planning on taking my Industrial Design students (Automotive and Product stream) on a “design excursion” to Italy. I wondering if any of you have done such a trip and could suggest places or studios that are accessable to visits by students and faculty
What are the interesting locations to visit ?

the duration of the trip planned is for 10 days.

thank you


If you can get in, I’d highly recommend a visit to Pagani’s shop (near Modena, Italy).

I suggest Pagani because of the amazing design, process, and final product they create. Also because Horacio Pagani did a visit back to SCAD (maybe in 2004?), when I was there, so I’m guessing he/they are pretty receptive to ID student / colleges, just guessing though. Horacio did a personal Q&A session, brought a car to leave in the ID building for about a week, and a track demo session with said car.

Perfect balance of amazing Italian automaker while being small enough that you might actually be able to score a shop visit.

Then again, I’ve also heard a thing or two about some Italian car company with a prancing horse logo. That would be a fun visit.


I did one of thesewhen I was in school back in the 90’s through RISD. Huge perspective changer.

We visited:

Studio Mendini
The Segis factory
The Alessi factory
The Bruno Magli Factory
Continuum Milan
A few glass houses on Murano

and a bunch of other places, I need to look back (find) at my notes and old pics

thanks guys for the list

Achille Castiglioni’s Studio
Triennale Museum
Fabrica Headquarters
Alpha Romeo Museum
Fiat Museum
Giuseppe Terragni’s buildings in Como
Kartell Museum