Industrial Design "elevator pitch"

I was wondering what “elevator pitch” everyone uses to explain what industrial design is to friends, co-workers, new clients etc…

I am always thinking of different more simple ways to explain what industrial design is and I thought it would be interesting to hear what ideas or lines you guys use.

This was brought up a few different ways over the past couple of years, I’ll try to dig up some of the old conversations, there were some excellent responses.

I remembered this quote, and I think someone said it on here before. When I Googled it I got this page, the quote being the headline.

I too would be very interested to hear these, i never know how to describe it to people when they ask me what im going to do at university, i usually just say its like product design and they kind of get it :S

This is one of the old topics:

I sometimes use my short answer as “anything that is bought, someone has to design”

It seems when I am explaining what I do, I usually point to all the things nearby that a designer has touched - usually 100% of what’s nearby - and then explain how we would work with companies on both the creation and improvement of them

My Stock answer is: “Look around, Pretty much everything you see has gone through an Industrial designer at some point or another.”

since it’s an elevator pitch, you have to mention how a designer could help their company’s products and how you would start…

I like the “look at the things around you” approach but for some situations i think it might be a bit philosophical,

could you say something like “Industrial design is designing products suitable for mass production” Would that work ? anyone know a better way of putting it ?

I like that- maybe modify it to “Industrial designers use art and engineering to create elegant products.” I like the word elegance because it implies stripped down mechanics and aesthetics as well.

Them - What do you do?
Me - I am an Industrial Designer.
Them - What’s that?
Me - I design new products.
Them - Like an engineer?
Me - No. An engineer primarily works on the mechanism. I primarily work on the person to product interaction.
Them - Huh?
Me - An engineer makes your clock blink 12:00. I make it so you can set the time.
Them - You failed miserably with VCRs.
Me - Correct.