Industrial Design Directory


After searching many times for interesting blogs, galleries or just information on design schools. I decided to open an ID Directory with links to helpfull sites.

Please visit and add your links to the directory.

cool: I especially liked this:

There are so many of these types of things online, I would suppose the key would be to make yours more comprehensive than any others…

Nice work…

May I suggest adding a category for “Organizations” (Example: IDSA, ICSID, AWID, APDF, Design CouncilUK)

I added the feature, please add the organizations since you seem to know more about them then I do.

→ Other directories I found while browsing.

i get an error trying to access any of the links…


I’ve been using Core77’s design directory since 1995:

core has given it its own URL and it is done in cooperation with the IDSA:

hard to beat.


I didn’t know about this until now. I’ll let my studio family in on it. Another 18 hr day here we go.

For Australian industrial design go to

it’s got a design directory and case studies, interviews and an event calendar