Industrial Design content on YOUTUBE?

Hi all,

Are you looking to learn about product design and what it’s like to be an industrial designer?
I invite you to check out my youtube channel about Industrial design.

I cover topics such as:

  • form follows function
  • design analysis on one product
  • tasks done at a consultancy
  • some differences between working as an “in-house” designer vs consultancy vs start-up
  • how to research competitive products
  • differences between a craftsperson and an industrial designer

My latest video is here:

I’d love some feedback on my videos or suggestions for content.

Thanks in advance!

A bit about me:
For the past 10 years I’ve been working as an Industrial Designer. I’ve worked on a wide range of products: medical, consumer, wearable tech, electronics, landscape lighting, search & rescue, shopping cart, etc.

Youtube Channel: Design plus Morna

[Design plus Morna - YouTube]

Cool channel, thanks for sharing

Hi Andre, thanks for checking it out!