Industrial Design cliches

I’d love to hear what some of professionals and students alike think of Industrial Design cliches, such as:

1.) A sketch with lots of random objects on the page, with little annotation but well-rendered.
2.) Making electronic products with curved edges and style them like Dieter Rams or Apple would;
3.) Calling every product a “unique user experience” (I mean, every product is a user experience, but if it contains the same interface and button layout as millions of other ones, how can it be unique?)
4.) Creating chairs without considerations of biomechanics of sitting. Like “many designers made their own famous chair”
5.) Calling a piece of design “ethical” even though the ergonomics may not fit some people from certain parts of the world, but the material is from a sustainable source!
6.) Other cliches like that

Why am I seeing so much stuff like that from existing companies? How can things like that be acceptable? Isn’t it time to move on a bit in the evolution of the profession?

I’d like to hear your opinions. It’s all to do with my final year project - I don’t want to present myself as yet another designer - I want to present myself as someone on par with engineers, scientists, lawyers and doctors - someone who can create success both for myself and others. Your opinion on how to elevate the profession and the pros and cons of various cliches would be vital.