Industrial Design at TU Eindhoven - What's it like?

I came across the TU/e industrial design program a while back and became very interested the the style of education the program has. I was wondering if any students who go there could weigh in on their experience of the school. Is the way it’s taught as revolutionary as it sounds? How are the facilities? The faculty? What is the reputation of the program? I’m very curious to know how the students and graduates of the program feel about it.

Is this the program in Delft?

No, this is the Technical University Eindhoven, different city. Basically this uni tries to surf along on the Design Academy Eindhoven’s popularity. I don’t know enough about the course to comment on it but I’d advise Delft over this.

The reason I’m interested in TU/e is because the course is taught in English with English material. Delft requires you know Dutch and I don’t. But more than anything it’s the education model they have. Rather than making everyone do exactly the same the thing, they seem to adopt a more flexible approach based on what you actually do in the real world as opposed to the outdated model of making everyone go through the same thing. I’m currently in my first year at Humber College in Toronto for Industrial Design, and I’m frustrated with the way the educational system is run. TU/e seems to actually try something different. I’m just curious if the program works for students.

But since you mentioned it, if anyone has opinions on the Design Academy Eindhoven, I would like to hear those too. It seems more artsy than than TU/e, and harder to get into, but interesting nonetheless.