Industrial Design and ECONOMICS??

Hey all,

I have a Ba in ID and am currently workin in ID

I was looking at options of further study and i was wondering…if i decided to go for a Masters after a few years of garnering experience in ID.

wWat option would be the most beneficial in terms of bringing my current experience in ID to a new level or even a career change altogether?

I have done some reading up and Marketing seems to be a popular choice. Together with Management or an MBA??
What about Economics?

thank you.

Lookin forward to hearing what you have to say!

I’ve taken a few college level courses in Economics as well as doing some reading, it really helps in understanding the Business side of things, more so than marketing IMO which is understanding the BS side of things. It’s pretty fascinating how economic models can break complicated, seemingly chaotic things down into patterns of behavior.

You might take a look at the Institute of Design, IIT. Their master’s program is good for building on an ID degree. You might be interested in the design planning track. There’s also an option to get an MBA while getting your Masters of Design.

If you are technically minded then I would suggest looking into computer science or other similar areas. This is projected to be a very hot and understaffed area in the coming years, especially since many foreign IT workers are being directed to jobs in India or China with near equal earning potential to jobs here in the US.

I’ve found that while many designers can make a beautiful electronics design in terms or usability or external function, they seriously lack understanding of the inner workings of things when it comes to programming and technical functionality.

Merge the two and you have a very strong presentation.