Indianapolis Transportation Job

I got this from CareerBuilder this morning… it’s posted by a headhunter group.

… . … 3D designer for an Indianapolis based client.

Qualified Candidates should have:

-3+ Years doing 3D modeling (UG, Catia, Pro E, Solidworks)

-The ability to contribute to conceptual design concepts within a team, as well as ability to model finished concept.

-Automotive or Transportation experience a must.

-Interior Experience


So, anyone have an idea what company in Indy is doing this kind of work?

Due to the history of the city, there are a couple dozen engineering firms who work exclusivly in the aftermarket automotive field. However they from what I have seen from responding to such postings (a couple years back any way) they are simply what they say they are simply modeling components in UG or Pro/Engineer, with engineering taking over to fine tune the suspention linkage, motor mount, brake rotor based on physics models. Or creating simple shifter nobs, foot peddles, etc. Mostly already visualised/sketched out for the marketing team by “concept artists”.

I only ran into one firm who did some aftermarket body kits, but as with the others they were already sketched out by “Concept Artist” working within the distributor chain in this case mostly Thom himself, you just had to loft the surfaces between the mounting brackets in the supplied assembly files.

Thanks ML,

As the U/N implies, I’m an old Indiana boy trying to get back home … I’ve been on the Left Coast for twenty-five years. Right now shifter knobs and door handles might be a good gig; I’m not in desparate straits, I just want to move back east.

And I really hate going though placement bureaus. More than half the time they don’t really understand the requirements that their clients ask for and you end up wasting your time sending paperwork back and forth.

Any company names come to mind?

I’ll let my ignorance show through here (it wouldn’t be the first time) … who’s Thom?

I would like to know that to.

Thom Taylor, I assume

Quick search yeilded this article. I have seen more, as well as an indepth episode documentory on Discovery channel abot him and his hot rod shop that rivals the likes of Boyd Cottington.

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