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FINALLY!!! I have something worthy to post here !!! (1st portfolio) :mrgreen:

Im going to start sending out my portfolio soon for my 6 months internship starting August

TARGETING_5 Agencies/Companies to play safe.
COUNTRIES_Europe & Scandinavia > As most of the reputed design firms I would like to work in or know of are located here.
_America>>Was but unfortunately due to Working Visa regulations im saving it for my Last Year internship.

:exclamation: SO I would REALLY APPRECIATE IT if you could spare a few minutes and…

_give me a reality check to where I stand in this field!
_Constructive feedback
_tell me if you experience a :open_mouth: :laughing: :imp: moment/s when going through any slide
_suggest which Agency/Co I would/could fit in maybe ?
_help me draw the line between Standard/necessary & cliché

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Would Mentioning to where im applying be a good idea?

:exclamation: :arrow_right: :arrow_right: LINK UPDATE >>

You’ve got some good stuff, and you are a Junior? One more year to go? You format is a little all over the place, I’d simplify the layout so the work is a little easier to read.

Thanks Michael, im currently doing my UG entering into my 4th year, still have 2 more years (4th + 5th).

By format, do you mean removing the number of boxes one has to finally reach to view the work in or ?
anyway you could guide me towards that Michael.