Indesign help

I am putting a PDF presentation together in Indesign. There are a few slides that I either have images or text that I want to appear as I click through it. Another words it is a blank screen and images appear in sequence as I click through them. What I am finding is that I am having to create multiply slides. Is there a command for this? If not I am going to end up with a big ass PDF.



Mh, I don’t think so.
When I wanted something interactive in a presentation, I have in the past always used Flash.

But if your presentation isn’t for print and just for projection, even with a high number of slides, the file size doesn’t blow up too much.
Making several slides for the sequence is maybe the simplest way.
Obviously, depending on your overall number of slides, are we talking about tripple digits here?

you can embed flash movies into PDFs too… maybe that’s the route. Print and display as PDF but have integrated slideshows when needed

With a PDF, I think you will have to duplicate the slide with the added elements – the audience won’t know. The only way that I know of, to easily do what you are asking, is PowerPoint or Keynote, then save as PDF.

You can animate elements in indesign but multiple slides are far easier and the way to go. There is an animations palette if you want to look into it.


in keynote you can animate individual elements on a single slide so you can have an image appear if a click occurs or after 10sec etc… i’m not sure about PPT though

No it is still double digits. I am just commenting on how much multiple slides is a pain in the ass. Sounds like the easiest way. Thanks for the help!!


maybe add an interactive button that changes 2 elements (the next picture and the next text info)?? Not sure if it works, haven’t really played with interactive features much in CS5. Above link may help with ideas

Quoting Optimize native and PDF file sizes in Illustrator
Optimize for Fast Web View option
The Optimize for Fast Web View option minimizes file size, facilitates page-at-a-time downloading, and replaces repeated images with pointers to the first occurrences of those images. Even if the PDF file isn’t going to be viewed on the web, it’s still a good idea to use the Optimize for Fast Web View option to reduce file size.

I know that is from illustrator help files, but I presume that the same would work in Indesign as well, altough I haven’t tested it.