InDesign help

Hello, I recently found this website and am hoping to get some help with a particular problem.

I am using CS3 for Mac.

Here’s my situation:

I am working on a 100 page InDesign document. The document was originally created in MS Excel, which was a pain to work with. When the document was handed to me, I decided to bring it into InDesign. So, I had someone print the 100 page Excel Doc into 3 seperate PDF’s containing about 30 pages in each file.

I placed each PDF’s specific page into InDesign.

When printing this InDesign page to a new PDF or to a printer, it takes very long. It’s basically going through each page, locating the PDF, locating the page number in the PDF, then transmitting that data before moving onto the next InDesign page with the same format.

Is there a way I can just flatten this entire document witout embedding the PDF pages (which will cause the doc size to jump to about 500megs)?

Thanks for any help.

I am not an Indesign user, but if it is linking to files, speeding up the links seems like it would help. Are the separate pdf files stored locally or on a separate server? Storing them locally (on your hard drive) might speed up your access to them.

Also, your computer could be running out of RAM when it tries to send the job to the printer. Is your hard drive going crazy during this time, while CPU utilization remains low? This could indicate that your computer is using a scratch disk, which will slow it down.

These are just guesses. Does Adobe have any Indesign forums to which you could post this question?