InDesign Help.... Page resizing

Does anyone know of an easy way to resize a large document (~70 pages) from an 11x14 format to 8.5x11 in InDesign?

My main portfolio is around 70 pages at 11x14 format and I would like to have an 8.5x11 version to send out to companies for them to print if wanted. I really don’t want to have to do another version of the same portfolio in order to make the alignments and layouts work.

Hi Ross,

Is your original size and required size proportional?

Assuming they are, the best way would be to get hold of some pdf printing software and print your existing size pdf to the required size.

Depending on how you’ve got everything placed in InDesign, you may be able to make these changes in InDesign instead.

Does this help?

Thanks for the reply. Everything is nearly proportional so it should work out well.

After researching a little more last night it looked like the best option is to print it to the correct size using acrobat. So at least it seems like you are in line with the other suggestions. I was hoping for a different option but without buying some additional software it looks like printing to PDF is the best way to go.

Thanks for your help and suggestions!

If you’ve got Acrobat Pro, you can print to PDFs.

First attempt failed lol. I went from 105mb to 968mb at a smaller size. I had to have missed some important setting.

I have acrobat pro. I just wish they had a resize option like every other piece of software out there.

Yeah, this is a huge annoyance with indesign. I heard that the new version (CS5) supports page resizing and multiple pages sizes in a document! I haven’t tried it out yet, though.

Also, I’ve manually resized the pages before, fine for 10 page doc, but 70 pages, nah. The only other way I’ve done is by rasterizing the pages (tiff export) and batch resizing in PS, then out to a pdf, which isn’t really a solution.

Couldnt you download the trial version and see if would work there?

It’s a major annoyance, but i always find myself duplicating the indesign file and re align everything in the new format.

I think I came up with a workable solution.

  1. I am exporting the pages from my InDesign file as JPEGs at 80dpi. This comes out to roughly 1120x880 pixels (the jpeg is still 11x14 @ 80dpi). Everything reads well for viewing on screen so that part is taken care of.

  2. I’m going to setup an action script in Photoshop to run a batch page size/canvas size adjustment through Bridge to get the final size I want.

  3. Combine everything into a PDF with Acrobat. This will allow me to pull and replace stuff as needed.

Job jobbed!

If you’re handling the print yourself and the proportions are kept the same, you can scale the page down in the print settings. Print - Properties - Layout - Advanced - Scaling