Ind Des vs engineering skills

I’m having a “Jr. Designer” interview soon and the list of skills mentioned on the posting includes “engineering skills”
That is a bit confusing to me because I have worked with engineers before and I do have the up most admiration for them, but I feel there is quite a difference between an IDer and an engineer. I do think there are two different professions.
Obviously, I’m not an engineer and my skills as such are very limited.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to present it during my interview?
Thank you for your time

  1. don’t apologize for what you are
  2. demonstrate the value you add to the process avoiding direct comparisons with eng, which would make you look insecure
  3. ask specifically what eng skills are reqd, likely basic mechanical design skills and knowledge of materials/processes
  4. leave the science/technology part to the engs, your job is to translate that into products people actually buy - long road to that
  5. don’t bite more than you can chew, don’t overpromise
  6. make sure the company isn’t looking for a bargain, like a designer-engineer combo, to save money; this is quite frequent in jobs where engineering knowledge reqd is minimal, so designers can double as both.

Dear “guest”,
Thank you for your answer. I do appreciate your intelligent advice. Vey cool.

My input would be that are looking for someone who knows how things get built, or ‘engineered’. The are not a “style studio”, and need ID to conform to manufacturability standards.

That is what we are looking at my place anyway…