Incremental gear upgrades

I have recently made a few upgrades to software and hardware for design work which I’d like to share and get people’s feedback.

Firstly, my general workflow has been pen and paper - scan - some tablet colouring in sketchbook pro on iPad - solidworks - modo - photoshop (for highlighting and tone mapping).

Recently I have upgraded to full adobe CC suite at work and have downloaded the Adobe sketch, Draw, Shape and Brush apps on my iPad. I also have a pencil stylus by fiftythree in the mail so this should help with sketching. I used to use an Adonit jot pro, but it didn’t have palm rejection and was a pain in the ass to use.

Another addition was I recently added teamviewer to my mix, to allow me to remotely control my work PC from my ipad and home pc, which is not as powerful. I feel that I’m getting close to a great setup. I used to use a wacom tablet but couldn’t ever get the control I needed.

Would really like a surface pro at some point or a wacom cintiq, but can’t justify the cash right now. I have a few side design projects on the go that should give me some cash to splash later in the year. I’m wondering if a surface pro would be an all in one solution or just add frustration to the process. I like that I can access all my settings from my work PC at home now, but leaving it on at night isn’t the best idea either.