Increasing skill on Graphic design.

Welcome. Is there any course on Graphic design at Oxford University.
Thank you.

I wouldn’t imagine so, but I guess a search of courses on their website would answer this fully.

It’s worth noting, as far as I know, there is no “Oxford University”, but lots of small colleges.

If you wanted to study an advanced level of Graphic Design related subject in the UK then it’d also be worth checking out the RSA, Goldsmiths etc etc.

Answer above!

+1 well done.

that just blew my mind. May I ask how you did that?

It is a service called “Let me Google that for you”
Pretty funny

I probably should have googled that.

Its quite useful when a someone sends you an email you with a redundant question, using the exact keywords they could have used to find the answer, using more words/time/effort than necessary for doing a Google search, less thinking on their end, and now requiring unnecessary work on your behalf.

“Hi there!
Do you know the address of that Radiohead concert tomorrow night? It doesn’t say on my ticket! I know Todd told Sara that you were thinking about going, since you have time to answer a question like this for me, that would be awesome. Also what time does it start?

277 characters, their time wasted, my time wasted, several clicks/processes required

Google search:
Radiohead Austin August 2012

28 characters, 2 or 3 clicks/processes required

Use responsibly! Enjoy! :wink:

Also, another note, not really related, but sort of…

I received an email last week from a woman named “Sara G”. It was a legitimate email… however, she was asking me detailed questions about people who I never had met, asking how my parents Rob and Martha were (not my parents names), and how our vacation in Cape Cod was (didn’t vacation there).

Point is, the email was real, but an obvious case of wrong email address. No problem.

Trying to be nice, and make sure she got in touch with this seemingly close old friend, I replied…

“Hi Sara, I believe you have the wrong email address!
Taylor Welden”

To which I received an email from Sara G…
“What is the correct email address?”

Made my day.