Inclusive / Universal Design

are we doing enough?

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Does anyone think that we as an industry are doing enough in way of producing inclusive / universal products?

I get the impression that inclusive design is kept for ‘feel good competitions’ and specialist agencies. If so, why is it? Surely it makes good business sense and it our chance to make a bit of a difference here and there . . .

what type of inclusive products?




In many products inclusive / universal design doesn’t make good business sense. That’s why it isn’t used.

Why pay all of the costs of developing and producing 35 different sizes of a product when forcing people to buy the one size is more profitable.

Universal design will never succeed outside of design competitions unless it can contribute to a companies bottom line.

…as a ‘profession’ id does more than others, it is part of what we do…where ‘universal design’ doesn’t add significant cost to a product it can be very successful in the market…otherwise it just doesn’t roi.

Sometimes, the most inclusive product is the one targetted at an exclusive demographic. For example, extra large sizes, children, visually impaired, even that Volvo concept. ROI can be good and the product fills a gaps in the segment or industry.