In Progress: Redefining Dining

Thanks for all the suggestions and ideas guys. I really appreciate it. Originally this device was for a novice cooker, but then I thought it would be interesting to create a device where people with different types of cooking skills could interact online by sharing recipes, cooking tutorials, etc, while at the same time improving their skills/growing their collection of recipes. This may be too large of a user group though.

I really like the idea of having multiple units to to help someone cook rather than just one unit. I’m going to go back and really take some time to study how people cook, what they use to cook, how they organize/prepare to cook, etc. Then I will start to ideate again. This and building my portfolio will definitely keep me busy over winter break, ha.

I will keep you guys posted (your ideas have really sparked my imagination to take this concept in directions I never thought of). Thanks again.