In-progress homepage design. Look for feedback. Thanks!

This is the design for the home page of a project I’ve been working on, called Anon. Anon is an anonymous market place for files. These files are currently separated into four different categories, three of which are highlighted on the homepage. All of the files are separated into two sections: “Hottest Near Me” for the most downloaded items within a certain distance, and “Recent” for the most recently uploaded files. I zoomed out to get a view of more of the page!

It looks ok, but it has maybe too much white space and you may need to modify the layout so that there’s a bit more distinction between rows. If you style the headings better, that would set them apart from the RECENT link under it…also what does the RECENT link go to? I think it can be solved by having a light light grey on every other row, like a 10% overlay, and the headings such as Graphics Music should be bigger. Hope that helps! :smiley: