In-progress Coroflot?

Hi all,

I am currently a junior and have a Coroflot portfolio that is very much in progress. I want to be selective about the projects I post, but I don’t have much from last year. This year, I’m happy where things are going, but I won’t have any completed projects ready to post until early December or so.

Would it be recommended to disable my account until it has some work? I would hate for anyone who tries to visit to get the Coroflot “404” message, but then again I don’t want to show something bad/incomplete just for the sake of having a portfolio up.

Thank you for any help!

That might not be a bad idea. You can set projects to ‘private’ and selectively share the URL for other people to review.

I’d suggest uploading at least a little bit of stuff and doing your profile and an avatar.

Thanks Slippyfish, those sound like good ideas.