In Need of portfolio advice

Hello, a few months back on this board I posted my portfolio. I have recently re-jigged my portfolio and would like some advice on how to improve on what Ive got, if possible, both on the old motif and new.
Here are a few sample pages for comparison. The full portfolio is available at: Dmitry Markou, Industrial Designer in Caledon, Canada

Thanks for looking!


New flavour

My advice is…Keep it simple. The first layout you had visualy was better that the second. The red streak on the black background is very distracting.

Another thing is you need to show more process. Show us what you were thinking and how you came up with theses designs.

I agree with the first poster - less is more. Keep it simple.

If your background overwhelms the work, all is lost. I would make the focus of the page the content, and keep the background simple.

I like to use a rule of ‘3’ in my compositions; I typically use 3 images of the object on a page, sometimes at slightly different sizes (where appropriate). I usually have a glamor image of the object as the main focus, and then a 180 view of it a bit smaller and perhaps an exploded view/detail smaller still.

Ultimately, my backgrounds end up being a simple vignette (color, faded image, human figure, etc.)

Simple text notes help to round out the composition and let you focus on the object.

Just my $0.02.

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I thank you both for your input.
The streak in the background being too overpowering was a concern of mine and both of you confirm my suspicion.

But I really want to “jazz” up my portfolio. I want my portfolio to exhibit mainly my Industrial design talents and not so much my graphic design(or lack there of) abilities. But a few people who I have shown my current layout to have said it was boring.

Any ideas what I could easily implement to spice things up?

I agree with the other comments here. Definitely axe the streak running through your images this is far to distracting and takes away from your work. If you want something like this tie it in minimally and I would suggest using it very subtly around the page description - your name - somewhere consistant to unite the pages. Be careful here and watch your color choices with that. Another thought was to loose the border around your colored sketches on the last page. It doesn’t look integrated with the other white sketches and looks to much like a cut and past. Zoom in and trace these carefully to delete your excess background. Hope this helps.