In NEED of inspiration


I’m a student with the need of inspiration for a project that I’m currently working on. We were assigned to create a two state travel product (a collapsed state and expanded working state). I chose lighting more specifically a lantern (maybe directed towards kids) I figure the market might be a little saturated for lanterns so I wanted to do something that stands out, but I’m having a hard time coming up with something descent.
So I’m looking for any thing that would be simple yet still be inspiring.

I will try and post some sketches when I have something useful.
Thanks for any help.

this forum is for showing work and getting feedback. not soliciting ideas. inspire us to respond.

post sketches- i want to see where your thought process has taken you then can see where you could take a different route- or maybe i or others could see things to make it grow-

what is your problem you are trying to solve? if you create a problem with it , it might be easier to find a solution.


how’s this project going?

you got to give to get.