In need of critique

Being a new grad and looking to land that first job, I know that I need some work on my projects. I have been going to some friends from school, but have gotten about as much information as I can from them.

I just recently built the web page, and IE doesnt like one of the image viewers (photo section). My design section has 4 projects from my portfolio. Go ahead, rip it apart. If you guys find any flaws with the work or even the page itself, please let me know.

nice work, a few things,

  1. your website isn’t bad, but for me the texture and graphics are distracting, maybe it is the color.

  2. The sample PDF has a few different sized pages. The portfolio sample pages in particular are too large, physically.

  3. You say that the coffee table’s secondary focus is easy manufacturability. You don’t really show HOW it is easy to make? Explain this/show this or don’t say that it is easy to manufacture because now it sounds like BS. The metal slice through the entire middle reads to me like one big-ass aluminum extrusion (or two, butted together) which I think would be expensive.

Thanks for the honest and good insights. I have really been struggling with that color on the web page, and think it will be changed soon. I also agree with you on the different sizes of my samples. That will be changed this weekend as well.

In reguards to the coffee table, it actually is simple to make with inexpensive materials. The key to the ease of manufacturability is the symmetry of design. The individual pieces are extremely easy to make on a table saw (Hell, I did it with a $60 table saw). I know now that I need to make my point more clearly visible in the project, and will add a page on that. Also, the middle piece is a 1.125" particle board veneered with 1/32" metal, not a single extruded piece.

If you guys have any more feedback, it would be helpful. I have had 22 people check the link, so please feel free to comment.

Nice site and the navigation isn’t bad.

I don’t like that the only way to find out anything about you, your experience, interests etc is the link to the .pdf of your resume. The first this I wanted to know was ‘who is this guy?’ and then ‘how does he think?’

I liked the layout of the work, although I found it difficult to read the text on the portfolio pages due to the small size.

Oh, and I liked the colour. Personal preference probably though.