In need of contests

My school isn’t providing me with any work as far as portfolio quality goes…where can I find some contests so I could build my portfolio?

Most of the contest are around the end of the year and in the beginning. Try going to and then check the calendar on core… Otherwise just work on something inspiring. And then just save it for when a contest comes. I see a lot of student candidates who often have work with company logos incorporated, and when I ask them about the project, they tell me that it was a school or externship program… The questions usually lean towards figuring out your process and how well you understand design value and also strategy relating to market relevance to a company’s brand… the only input I would ask about your experience with a company is how well you collaborated within a team and team leaders… What I’m trying to say is you don’t need contests… You need self motivation… Work on that and you’ll be fine.