In love with my sketchbook

Hi guys! This is one my first post here.
I’m a second semester Industrial Design student from Mexico City and (as many of you know) we are currently in a sort of quarantine because of the Swine Flu outbreak…

Anyway, I took this week or so away from school as the perfect excuse to finally dust off a blank canson sketchbook I had lying ariound and start my very first Journal/sketchbook…and I gotta say I LOVE IT!!!

Up 'till now I had been sketching evertything for my school projects in white printer paper and I kept misplacing, wrinkling and tearing them. Also I felt like I did’nt have a place to sketch the odds and ends of things that popped into my mind.
Since I’m not really that good at sketching (yet), I’ve been mostly observing objects while drawing them. I’ll post a few scans of my work so you can tear them apart with advice as soon as I can.

Anyway, I guess that post was just to introduce myself and to encourage everyone, specially fellow students (and everyone interested in design for that matter) to get a nice sketchook, draw away and just pour all your life into it!

[I did’nt know wether to put this topic in Students (since I am one…) or in sketching, so admins I’m sorry if it’s in the wrong place]

That is great. Keeping a sketch book is the best way to document those random thoughts, and then you always have them around to refer to.

Awww! that’s sweet!

You are welcome!

I bought a Canson Sketch book about a month ago. And i was not using it.

Somehow All the ideas i have i wrote/described/developed/ them in a Mail draft.
But i noticed that writing manually makes a difference, and it seems that using the computer so much disconnects a bit from the the “tactile/tangible” side.

And i tend to be able to visualize what i want to do easily, do mental add ons and or could-be and have a rather clear picture of it in my mind but maybe because i never really sketched before i had a block when i tried to illustrate. I would panic then slowly get lazy.
And i also noticed that sketching something that is in front of me, or a photo comes more easily than what’s in my head. Sometimes it is “emartsculating” :stuck_out_tongue:

I read a book a long time ago by Julia Cameron titled The Artist Way, it’s really a method for when you have writing/creativity block. And one of the things you’re supposed to do is “morning pages” which is 3 pages writing in the morning of anything that comes to mind, just to unclog your mind. I started doing the same with sketching… lose the fear, sketch and sketch some more until I become fluent.

The funny thing is i started using the Canson this morning and the sheets are coming out when I flip one. I’m going to check the other forums for best materials, pens, etc…

About if this is the best section to post? I bet… not.
Piensalo un segundo.
I think the drawing sketching forum is a better place for this topic, seems the topic discussed here is Schools, admission and programs.

So i hope i can see your sketch sometime.

PS: You should also keep all the valuable flying pages you have in a folder.

I dunno…personally I’m not one for sketchbooks. I find it feels too intimidating to know it’s gonna be there forever (unless you rip out a page, which i used to do often).

I’m more for sketching on loose pieces of paper or even scrap paper (on the back of something else)…

but that’s just me. I haven’t used sketchbooks in more than 8 years now, but have tons of loose papers I draw on an a steady supply of scrap I keep handy…


I disagree. I think a sketchbook is a great way to watch yourself progress. It’s OK to have “bad” sketches in there. I have bad sketches in my sketchbook. Whenever I go to an interview or give a presentation, I always bring a few random sketchbooks. People grab at them like I tossed out $100 bills. When I review student portfolios, I almost always ask to see their sketchbook. I want to see the raw un-filtered thoughts.

But however you do it, just as long as you do, that is the important part. You can get “scratch pads” which are basically 4x6 pads of white paper glued at the top edge so you can rip them off like post its from any office supply store. I always have those around… I also steal hotel stationary like no tomorrow and I love to sketch on that. For awhile I took to sketching on the 4x6 Post its and then just leaving the ideas posted to peoples monitors and such around the office…

I’m with Richard on this one, I could never get into the sketchbook thing. I probably have 10 half filled, dusty and moldy ones in the basement. I like to draw on regular print paper and if it’s something to keep, I’ll put it in a 3-ring binder. But the whole spiral/hard bound sketchbook has never worked for me, plus the additional hassle of trying to scan any of those pages, loose sheets kept organized works easier for me.

yup. as long as you sketch, it doesn’t matter what on. i’m with you there.

funny you mention the post it thing, i also always keep a bunch of the 3x3" post its nearby to sketch doodle on. kinda small, but for some reason feel just right to do a quickie doodle on in between thoughts…


Yeah, I find myself as being more of a printer paper in a clipboard kind of guy. What winds up being total junk I just trash, and the rest I file away or move to the bottom of the clip board.

That may be because I’m too cheap to buy a good sketchbook though. :laughing:

There is something intrinsically fun about the post its. I have a drawer full of all different sizes and colors, this one was done on a 1.5"x2" post it! Super tiny.

Cyber, at work, it is all copy paper binder clipped together for me… sometimes graphics 360 paper, but usually bond.

I love this idea, Thanks Yo!

I haven’t yet found a sketchbook that works properly for me. I quite like small size (A5) cos i can carry it around with me, but I love to draw big (A3). A4 works well too, but i don’t know…

I like the hard bound sketchbooks, but it’s very difficult to find one without super heavy pages. I am quite careless with my sketchbooks too.

Marker paper (bleedproof or bond)
hard cover
overhang between paper and covers, so that the actual pages stay quite nice, doesn’t matter if the cover gets messy.
no annoying rings
smallish size


haha i want to try this too! :smiley: