In-house Corporate Graphic Design Goals & Objectives for

I currently work for an extremely busy inhouse department for a mid sized corp. Each year we are required to set quanitfiable goals/objectives for Human Resources, which at the end of the year they use for your annual evaluation. The goals are to be quantifiable and measurable…which sure works great for the sales and marketing folks, but we graphic designers are having a tough time getting the new VP to accept our forms. They’ve already been rejected 3x! The last time we really put forth a team effort to come up with goals/objectives with some numbers thrown in there…such as i will increase my productivity x percent and this is how…

Our department works by taking graphic requests from clients, and the size of each project varies greatly from one director to the next. The amount of time varies also…sometimes it can take forever because there are about 1 million revisions…sometimes it takes a nanosecond. So we can’t very well say I will complete x amount of projects…when project A might be 18x larger than project B.

Besides the fact we can sit there and tell them how much money they are saving besides outsourcing, there isn’t much to quantify. Any of you ever come upon this? any ideas?

Yeah, the new VP always thinks they can get the “creative artsy types” to buckle down and do work.

I remember working for an large old (100 years old) company… and a new VP in charge of R&D (over 100 of us including graphic design, production, product designers, model makers and editors.) After several months he realize how hard we worked.

You have my sympathy.

stop worrying

you won’t get fired

corporate life is bullshit

suck it up

and pretend it doesn’t bug you

just like everyone else you work with.

life is too short

go have some fun tonight.