In-depth design writing

I’m looking for websites, magazines, books, etc. that analyze newly released products and/or style trends. Sort of like the ID version of DesignObserver, if it exists. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Of the popular magazines I like Wired.

In the Netherlands we have Product Magazine which is closer to the industry and goes in depth about design process, user involvement and the production process, and provides great analyses.

As for websites I like Designboom, Dezeen and of course the Core77 website.

Yeah, I’m familiar with Wired, Designboom, and Dezeen, but they usually don’t do much deeper analysis. Product Magazine looks cool, but I don’t know a lick of Dutch!

Sort of like the ID version of DesignObserver
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On trends I like They have free newsletters full of good ideas.
For more in-depth writings you can also check out the proceedings of trending conferences.
Other fields like interaction design often also relate to product design - just check out the research topics.
TEI 2017 has just ended, also at Delft University they have lots of good writings about why certain products are a success backed by valid scientific data.

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll check all of those out. Where exactly can I find those Delft writings? I’m looking at their ID program’s website and I don’t see articles like that.

Google: " filetype:pdf"
Some papers by professors Desmet, Stappers, and Hekkert are good.
Relating to that are articles from the DQI group at Eindhoven University of Technology - very innovation- and product design related, and always remaining practically oriented -

Also check out UXMag

There is definitely a need for an international professional magazine for ID’ers, it shows how young a profession this is.

This is exactly what I was looking for! Here’s a good one that turned up in my first search:

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Looks like I’ve got some reading to do.

I’ve always thought that Metropolis had superior writing. It leans more toward architecture and urban planning, but the strong NYC ‘feeling’ of the magazine and the writing chops of its editorial staff meant that you would typically get good thought provoking content.

Most of the design blogs, I’m sorry to say, prioritize bite-sized sales/commentary that is either bland or excessively snarky, rather than any articulation of a complex or nuanced point of view.