In appreciation of a design classic.. the Ortofon Concorde

Its odd how I have never seen a mention of this design on any site…its in my top 10 iconic designs indispensable to DJs the world over! The design must be nearly 30 yrs old i guess but still looks totally up to date, if not the technology

Does anyone know who designed it?

I don’t know who designed it but it probably doesn’t receive the recognition because the whole dj culture is still a small niche market. Which would explain why you don’t see the 1200’s as an icon which is probably on the same significance to dj’s as the model-t. Also probably because it isn’t on the want list of the true audiophiles.

You just raised a good point about design snobbery/elitism

Wow, didn’t realize the Ortofon Concorde design was that old!
That really makes me look at it differently. It does still
look fresh, that’s impressive.

I have always been a Shure guy sc-35c’s and
Ms447’s (definitely not for the looks).
Gotta admit the M-447’s make a statement though.

What statement??? I don’t know