in a quandry

Weelllllll i am undecided, I developed and new tech/product with applications to both home and commerical spaces. The tech has tested well across the board so its not the problem, and Ipwirelessly is familar with it, and its past his cool test. The question is direction, to licence it off or use it as a cornerstone product for a boutique buisness doing other desigy things. Both have appeal, the latter would be more fun with somebody to team up with, but thats always a chemistry issue. So fellow gerbals, how would you jump with a cool product but one thats IP is somewhat fragile (the chinese would blow right past you in the mass market as its not rocket science) your input is apprecieated.

A few questions:

  • Any patent protection yet? Is it patentable?

  • It takes money to make money. Are you a poor designer like the rest of us or do you have a rich aunt?

  • Are you thinking about making this your new day job? Do you have a nest egg for the lean times?

  • Any business background? The design may be great but you could get killed trying to sell it. What retailer would it do well in?

I could give you my two cents with more info…

patent pending via ppa
semi retired so startup is not a $ issue
not new day job, been doing this for 30+ years
buisness experiance but not in the applicable field
retail would run the gammut from comtempoary/desiger furiture/interior design outlets both web and brick and mortar.