in a mess

So i’m not yet fully wireless and the back of my PC is a mess of cables…

I know there are lots of cable management devices around…when ya get a sec can you post some examples of your favourites.

I’m in the mood for some shoppin!


I prefer zip ties to some of the other nearly-useless cable management products out there. Cheap and effective, not to mention there are other uses for the things so you won’t be left with the product when/if you go fully wireless… Just coil the cables up to remove the slack and add a couple small zip ties. If the back of your PC is visible, put a hook or something similar on the desk/table/near by and hang the coils on it. Get the re-useable zip ties if you can.

I’ve found those are the best for wire management. There was one product out… I think it was called the Turtle or something. It was a soft rubber diaphram on a nylon axis.

You would fold back the diaphram and coil the wires around the plastic axis. It worked rather well but you end up with this heavy coil of wire hanging off your desk. Not very effective for a lightweight product like a computer mouse.

Worse is with the wire’s memory. If you unwrap the wire, it’s memory keeps it coiled.