improving your chances - background check?

I read in an online article on improving your chances of getting a job, one should run a background check on oneself to see what past employers are saying about you. Anyone every done this? Is it expensive, Is it worth it , is it insightful?

If anyone has had a rocky time at a previous employer and left without the obligatory 2wks notice (but left like a gentleman), but did good work there you could show, would y’all still keep it on the resume if you were there almost a year? Keep it on or leave it off.


No, I wouldn’t bother conducting a background check on yourself. There’s not much you can do to change the past. Depending on the type of the company they will find out things that you choose to omit. A previous employer should only confirm that you worked at that company during the you’ve stated on the resume. I’m sure that doesn’t always happen though. It really depends on the situation you left them in. If it truly was positive then you should have nothing to worry about.