improving sketching and presentation skills

the book “design sketching” ( is created thanks of the work of students of the umea institute of design.

I want to improve my sketching and presentation skills. Does somebody can give me some other schools where they have special programs for sketching and presentation skills? I’m busy finishing my master in industrial design so i just want to focus on this specific skills.

maybe cardesign is a nice study for this?

especially schools in Spain got my interest, because i want to improve my spanish language as well and maybe that’s a nice combi. But all other suggestions are welcome as well!


If you’ve already got a masters in ID I’m assuming you have at least a passing knowledge of sketching and presentation basics…from there all there really is to it is tons of practicing and getting feedback on your work, either from a professor, peers, or online (though real life critique is much more valuable).

Are you looking for help GIVING presentations (public speaking) or putting together your presentations (Graphic design).

I can’t see any reason for going to school for transportation design if you just want to learn to sketch better, it’s nothing you can’t improve yourself as long as you know the fundamentals.