Improving paper trimmers/guillotines

I am currently starting my 4th and final year at Bournemouth University ,UK studying Product Design.

Over this year I have chosen to redesign the office paper trimmer to be mainly sold to Reprographic Centers.

The breif I have decided on is as follows:

‘Trimming paper with existing products can be a quite a strenuous process. The user has to repeatably reposition the paper and draw the blade by hand for every cut they make.
This affordable product will be to be used for cutting exact edges on 1 sheet of 280gsm paper or photograph. The product will allow the user to cut paper accurately with a dead straight line with greater efficiency than existing products.’

I am currently writing my PDS which I will post once the frame work is complete.

If you would like me to elaborate on anything, please ask.

Help and comments will be appreciated.

I have now attached a copy of my PDS as it stands. It is very broad at the moment but I am currently carrying out research to further define these points.