improving my drawing/sketching skills

I used to be a reasonably good sketcher/renderer, but have not used my skills for some time, can anyone suggest items which will improve my ability?

Would you recommend that I go back to basics? such as perspective and geometric forms (which I feel rather comfatable about), or try out more ambitious shapes/forms?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If it’s been a while, just loosen up with some practice on geometric forms, and then ambitous, it’s the only way to improve. Why do what you can already do without at all challenging yourself? If you limit yourself in your sketching abilities, your limiting your design work.

For me I try to look at some really inspiring work, and then just draw for as long as I can. I know it sounds obvious to just draw, but for me It really helps to draw for an extended period of time to get warmed up and comfortable.

Some of my favorite drawings have come after a four-eight hour drawing session once I feel very comfortable, and more willing to experiment.

Here are some of the pages I look at for Inspiration. love this guys style

DesignerTechniques Tutorials - Information for those hoping to create a career in Automotive Design.

Also, search through the drawing thread here on Core, and search through some portfolios

Good Luck!

just refresh your self try to practice your style of drawing the basic and the advance. remember practice makes prefect.

I’d have to second what others have said. I’ve found that when my sketching is getting sloppy, I just need to do it more. Even better is when you can do it often and for longer time periods - after 15 minutes you get ‘warmed up,’ and you get in the flow and can crank out some nice sketches.

In addition to those websites above, there’s a brand new design sketching site:

It’s got inspiring stuff, in addition to video tutorials covering the fundamentals and more advanced stuff. If you need a good refresher, I’d go there.