Impossible Feature You'd want in your perfect shoe

What impossible feature would you want the most in your perfect shoe design? Mine is a toss up between a clear blue sole that never yellows, or leather that never creases.

I want a shoe, that will never stink, no matter how often I wear them without socks.

My Free’s and Zoom Moire’s smell like rotting flesh.

To add to Brett’s Point. I want a pair of work boots that keep my feet cool.

Mine is a toss up between a clear blue sole that never yellows,

There’s a clear TPR you can use that will never yellow… but, it’s a bit more expensive.



one-touch closures a-la back-to-the-future nikes

The perfect amount of ankle support that wouldn’t impede flexibility at all, but still prevent any ankle injury from ever occurring.

Well for tennis, an outsole that doesnt wear out.

flexibility, breathability, durability, comfort and style all in one shoe… that or levitation. Levitation might be easier.

you forgot to also add “price” to create the truly the perfect storm (and buyers wet dream)…


hey Yo, don’t forget, ONE feature haha! Since the Clear Rubber issue seems to have been solved, I’ll go with suede that never fades.

Shoes that make me want to go for a run

I want fashion shoes that can withstand boat dwelling shoe designers who moor their vessels on a boggy marsh. So they’d have to be waterproof and breathable and non slip.

I also want Vivienne Westwood to start incoroporating gore tex gowns in her collections.

Until then, this is me…

Wow. The sun and salt water has wreaked havoc on your skin! You might be able to make some extra cash as “The Bearded Lady” in the Circus as well!!

something simple,a size 14 in shoe,not trainer,is really difficult to get my perfect size,sometimes I buy less size depending of the model.

a football(soccer) shoe which is extremely light (much like the mercurial shoes by nike) the only difference is that the sole/frame/structure would be built from variable stiffness materials so that only when needed the shoe would have increased structural strength to prevent from injuries. I did a few calculations with shape memory alloys but there is no real way to power them with current feasible technology. oh well, maybe in the future

i’d want a lightweight, breatheable foamposite shoe that costs less than or equal to the starbury’s.

flywire x foamposite?

shoes that move for you…

I did a few renderings of a few different ideas i had about this idea for a project i did a while back, but nothing really tangible :frowning:

along the lines of the boot swat22 describes, a tennis shoe that is lightweight and breathable, but tough enough (including the mesh type upper) to not get beat up/worn by rough surfaces (brick concrete).

I know there is a new material in the past few years that stiffens under impact, but is flexible under normal application (there was even a design contest around applications for said material online)

  • So basically an outsole that was very thin and light weight, but employed a material like this to handle heavy impact/shock in some way.

^^ D3O is the material.